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Winter Camp

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The school holds a camp for the older primary children once a year. As a year four they had camped at the school ground overnight last year.
This year, as older, more ‘mature’, fifth year students, the camping trip is an overnight at a dedicated campsite near Kalba, somewhere along the eastern coast.
I wish I can say that the camp fees were similar to what I had paid when I went to camp, which was next to nothing. But this is a whole different era after all, and not to forget the little detail that in Dubai there is nothing that costs next to nothing.
The children had been looking forward to the camp date for months. The packing preparation took just as long with extra shoes, T-shirts, sleeping bags and torch lights too be bought. Again, very different from the extra set of flip flops that I required for my camping trip.



Linda and I did kinda enjoy having the day to ourselves. I wish I could have said that we painted the town red, but we basically spent the whole time in Dubai Mall, with a majority of it at the bookstore!

The children came back an hour earlier than planned, meaning we had to rush our late lunch and head back to the school as soon as we got the message. It seemed that the bus had made good progress, nothing to do with the accompanying teachers wanting to dump the kids and start the mid term break as soon as possible :-p



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