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Summer Games

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It’s two weeks till summer break. The temperature shows 42c but with  the high humidity it feels more like 50c! During summer there is nary a cloud in the sky,  allowing the sun rays to beat down directly to the occupants of this desert.

Life however does not come to a stand still,  well not after the mandatory “stop outside work between noon to 3 pm” that is.  An afternoon siasta is well deserved for those who work in construction and cleaning.

How do you play football in these conditions?  With lots of drink breaks,  that’s how!


And the poor souls who have to watch from the sidelines keep themselves occupied with games from the ipad.



Lucky this year the pitch is covered by the shadows from the housing area nearby.  Otherwise the sun would have been merciless. Even under the shade,  in this temperature it feels like being in an oven and the sweat starts to drip down slowly. After the 45 min of football, the boy looks like he just got out of a shower!



Only one more session of football to go before the summer break!








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