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Green Thumbs


A couple of months back we had watermelons in the garden after a BBQ session. After we had finished, Dina decided that she wanted to plant the seeds. They had done a project in school studying plants growth cycle and she wanted to see if she can turn the seeds into melons. Being a good parent that she was, Linda suggested that she should plant it at the empty flower bed. My contribution to the whole exercise was to make sure that she did not plant it near where our the fishes were ‘sleeping’ (we had an unfortunate episode with an experiment of keeping some watery pets…but thats a story for another day).

Dina made quite a deal of planting and watering the little seeds in the sand bed. In fact, she  even planted a couple of sugar cubes along with it to make sure that the melons that come out taste sweet…

Truth be told, I did not think much of it, until we saw some shoots growing where she had planted the seeds. I never knew that watermelons grew well in sand, and over the summer the little things thrived under the hot sun and abundant sunlight. It even started flowering, but the heat made sure that the little yellow flowers did not last till full bloom as it withered away under the harsh conditions and sandstorms that are prevalent during that time of the year.

But somehow nature survived against the odds and we actually had a coupe of little melons peeking out from the tangled mess of crawly plants. Now, after a coupe more weeks, it looked like the largest among the ones that made it through was ready to be plucked. I did the all important ‘tap’ test and announced that the water content was high enough for it to be considered ready and got the twins to pose for pictures with the prize winner.


Icad mentioned that there was a ‘bumpy’ one just beginning to grow and said that it looked really funny. I agreed!

Icad and his bumpy watermelon

According to Linda, we have to wait till the watermelon turns a bit yellow before we can cut it up to see if its  sweet, thus it has been left on the fruit basket awaiting its turn among the other fruits. If it does turn out to be sweet, the thing about planting sugar cubes along with fruit trees might be worth patenting!

Anyways, while we wait, the twins are making sure that the rest of the fruits are protected as much as possible, not really sure from who else as I think they are the most possible culprits if anything were to happen!

The bumpy watermelon with two more of its siblings along the way, hopefully to our dining table!

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2 thoughts on “Green Thumbs

  1. Was the watermelon sweet?

    • The jury is still out on that…KL wants to wait till it turns a bit yellow before subjecting it to the knife. Will keep you updated!

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