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Eid in Dubai

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It was a quiet Eid for us. In fact, this was the first Eid that we were not in Malaysia, and boy was things different!

To start things off, we finally managed to bring our friends across for some makan-makan (eat-eat) session. This was something that we wanted to do since we got back from summer, but the combination of work, school and just plain day to day life meant we kept pushing the plans back. This time around, we limited the attendees to our neighbors and friends from the kid’s school. The big plan is to have another one for the Malaysian ones sometime next month, when the kids have their end of the year holidays.

I was too busy to take photos of the function, but I wish I had at least taken some shots of the food that Linda had prepared. She was up from 4 in the morning cooking the stuff that had taken days to prepare. It was nice to have our friends over, though we had to re arrange the furniture and get some benches from Mestermann’s next door to fit in all the people that were there.

Due to scheduling issues, we had to have our function a day before Eid. Thus on the day of eid itself, it was pretty much a clean up day. I had gone to the mosque near our place for Eid morning prayers and got back home to help prepare breakfast for some friends who were coming over for Eid.

We went over to Jumeirah to celebrate Eid with some friends who were having a big open house function. And to finish off Eid in Dubai, we went over to Festival City (while the plan was to drop by Dubai Mall to enjoy the fountain, the row of cars lining up to enter the carpark threw us off that idea).

As luck would have had it, there was something to enjoy after all at the Festival City.

We did not really expect to see the show. We knew there was something going on as there were loads of people sitting around, waiting for something to happen. Just as we found a place to sit, the show started and we realized that the site that we had chosen was possibly the best seat in the house!

While the kids enjoyed the show, I think Linda had the best time of all. Her 'ooohs' and 'aahhhs' drew looks from people all around. It left such an impression on her that she dreamt of it the next night and woke up to tell me how wonderful it was to relive the whole experience.

We were pretty close to the action, and at times the fireworks seemed right over our heads. Unfortunately the phone camera does not do justice to the scene.

The Fireworks show lasted for a pretty long time, close to 10 minutes at least. After all that, we went over for some coffee and pastries. It was the school holidays and the twins were up a lot later then what they are used to. But, they definitely had a good time and were not as cranky as we expected them to be.

While the grown-ups were having their coffee, the kids were literally lounging around. Dina had a cute Baju Kurung, but Irsyad unfortunately has overgrown all his Baju Melayu’s.

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