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Swimming Gala and International Day

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The twins early in the morning, doing their stretching before getting ready for school. Bedtime is normally around 6 to 7 pm, thus by the time they awake at around 6:30 am, they have had a good 11 or so hours of sleep. Like anyone who is that well rested they are usually in a pretty good mood.

Every year the twin’s school holds a swimming gala, basically a swimming competition to select swimmers for the inter school tournament that will begin soon. While this is a serious issue for the older kids, for the KGer’s like the twins, its basically another day of fun and games, with the plus point of having their parents around to see what they have learnt so far.

I unfortunately was not able to attend the swimming gala, makes it two years in a row now, but thankfully Linda was kind enough to bring along the camera and share some shots with me.

Irsyad with his good friend Rheeder. He likes the full body swimsuit a lot more than just the normal swimming shorts. He says that it makes the water flow around his body faster and he can go underwater like a shark!

The boys all lining up for the swim. They did not actually swim, as I gathered, but more like water threading. Anyways, there was some sort of ball finding competition, and Irsyad won. He was so happy and kept asking Linda if she ‘saw or not’ that he was No. 1. And while Irsyad’s class were limbering up in the pool, the girls were gossiping at the back!

Dina with Zara and Kylie in the water with the rest of their class. As can be seen, they were a lot more relaxed then the previous class. We are in fact having issues with Dina with regards to her swimming. She conveniently ‘forgets’ to bring her swim suit to school so that she can miss her class. When asked, she says that its too much work to change from her uniform to the swim suit. Sigh...

The swimming gala was a half day event. Thus they were done pretty fast and instead of going back to class with all the energy and excitement, the teachers were more than happy to have the parents take them back. Linda felt that the twins deserved a treat and they dropped by the nearest food court for a McDonalds fix.

After the swimming gala, the next big thing on the school calendar was the International Day. Representative of the multitudes of nationalities that we have here in Dubai, the kids school is pretty much a mini United Nations. As such, a day is set out every year to showcase the various nationalities. Last year, Linda was the Asian manager and we had a table set up in the gym for each nation. This year, the school have scaled it down to only a march past, with the children encouraged to wear their national costumes to show the different color of their cultures.

Parents were invited to attend as well, and each family was encouraged to bring in food representative of the their nation to be shared with the rest. Linda made some ‘cekodok pisang’ or banana fritters as she called them. Unfortunately, the Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, one of the seven states that makes up the UAE passed away a couple of days before and the nation was in a seven day mourning. As a sign of respect, the national day march past was cancelled, but the the costumes and food portion of the celebration was still on.

A posed shot while waiting for the bus. Dina is doing her Ultraman imitation, while Irsyad is trying to look like a good boy!

I got the kids some chalk to play with some time back. Somehow, kids like to leave marks on things, and to let out their artistic instincts, we allowed the kids to use the driveway as a huge canvas. This was Dina’s rendition of her and me under the sun, before setting off for a drive.

Baby Jahan came over on his morning walk (or I should say, morning push!). A shot of 2 handsome boys eh? One who is teething (hence the finger which is constantly in the month), while the other has got a loose teeth that will drop any day now.

Not quite Wisteria Lane, but this is pretty much the scene on N street every morning. Lea and Hannah looked very nice in their German girl outfit. Kate was busy till the last minute braiding Hannah’s hair.

And the end result, a scene right out of Heidi? Hannah had some chocolate in her hands for the German food that they were taking to school.

Once the school bus passes, the street calms down again. Only the young ones are left, till its their turn to board the bus in a couple of years. Jahan still has not decided how he feels about me. More than 6 feet away, he finds me amusing and interesting, but anything closer than that, he is pretty sure that he does not want my company. This shot is possibly at exactly 6 feet, as he looks in the middle of both emotions!

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