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Friday in Dubai


Like many other middle eastern countries, the weekend starts on a friday in Dubai. So the kids are off school, per chance, I am also off work, and the good people of the world are out washing their cars! The temperature is finally heading southwards, in fact, there was some clouds in the sky even! Looking forward to the months ahead and for more outdoorsy type of activities.

31*C at 9 in the morning. A sure sign of winter to come!

The sorry state of the garden was a concern, as the weather condition becomes more welcoming, we do foresee ourselves spending more time outside. We had dropped by the plant souk the previous day to get some flowers and fruit trees, and used the relatively pleasant conditions to do some serious gardening. The kids, who were up since 6:30 am, were eager to help, and thus the family project for friday began.

Linda's behind the car while Icad tries to convince her that he should be doing the spraying, without any luck fortunately! Linda got pretty upset that the car was dusty all over again after I got back from friday prayers, but heck, we live in the desert, what do you expect?

Dina helped me trim the shrubs, and very soon started to sweat! It was hard work for her, but she was very industrious today.

Paul and Kate dropped by, while we were gardening, and the little one decided that he needed to inspect the newly planted flower bed. By his looks, I think we forgot to file in some approval papers or something.

Thats the mango and lemon tree, waiting for the gardener to plant them. The nursery guy said that while the mango tree will take perhaps 2 years to fruit, the tree would grow large enough to give lots of shade. We were also interested in a banana tree, but when the guy said it will take 5 years to fruit, we decided no thanks! Heck, we would probably not be here 5 years from now!

After the gardening morning, the kids and the mum decided that for lunch they wanted to have some maandi rice. Somehow, of all the food that we have had here in Dubai, the maandi rice seems to have a strong attraction, with the kids eating more than their normal meal share. So after I got back from prayers with Irsyad, we got ready to leave.

Just as we were about to enter the car, we saw some strange looking birds in the garden. For a moment there, I thought that it was baby turkeys, but then realized that they were even odder looking than that. Kate was outside as well, and she confirmed that they were Guinea chicken belonging to our front neighbors. Apparently these chicken will eat all the worms, insects and spiders from our garden, with the downside that they will also poo a lot! The kids were really excited. They asked if the chickens will taste good and if they can have more than one drumstick since they were really small.

I was actually surprised to see the amount of insects, spiders and other creepy crawlies in the garden. When we moved in, the place was very much a desolate desert. Now, its teeming with life, even guinea chickens!

The friday traffic was relatively light heading to center of town. We got to the maandi restaurant called At Tawasol easily enough, with the only problem of finding a car park. The food is all pre-cooked, thus waiting time was next to nothing. Which was a real blessing, as even after having a light sandwich to tide them over, the kids were already clamoring us with ” I want to eat, feed me, I am hungry!” statements!

Though the kids were eager to eat, Linda is also a big fan of maandi rice. Her fingers were already darting to the plate even before I could finish taking the photo. We had the lamb and grilled chicken, all eaten in one plate. Some arabic salad and the other condiments completed the meal. Delicious!

After having our fill, and getting some take out for dinner we headed home. En route we passed by the Dubai wet market near the Shindaga tunnel, a place which we have always wanted to go, but could either a) not find the entrance to the place when we went out looking for it b) never had the time to go in when we drove by the entrance by chance. This time, the stars aligned and we decided that we should pop in and see how the largest wet market Dubai looks (and smells) like.

I must say, we were not disappointed. While it was not very large, it certainly had a lot of colors and was vibrant with activity, even at 6 in the evening. There was a fruit and vegetable sections, with a very large area marked specially for sea food. There was a loading/docking area outside with trucks unloading fresh and frozen fish to be brought in and sold at the individual stands.

Veggies section. Linda claims that the prices are not that much better than what we can get at the hypermarkets. I guess with the purchasing power of the large corporations, they can commandeer a price advantage that these small business owners just cannot match.

We saw these sharks being brought out from an ice truck. Icad had a close look as this was the first time he was seeing them so close. There were some reef and hammerhead sharks as well.

The picture is off poor quality as I was using the mobile in a low light condition, but them theres a row of dead sharks by the roadside. Something you don't see everyday, no sir!

It ended being a long day for the twins, and they were out like lightning after their dinner and bedtime story. In fact they were asleep within minutes! We promised them a more relaxed day tomorrow, perhaps a movie or two…that brought smiles to their faces.

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An expat family in Dubai.

2 thoughts on “Friday in Dubai

  1. found you! haha, kak linda taruh link at her fb wall. this definitely goes into my must-stalk blog list. abg mad, really delightful write-up lah 🙂

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