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Summer oh summer


Its October now, the 10th of the 10th of the 10th, or written down 10.10.10. A whole lot of tens. While there are a lot of tens, the temperature isn’t one of them. Instead of coming down, the Dubai temperature is being a little hard headed and is sticking to its high 30’s and low 40’s. It was 41C today in mid afternoon. And while the evenings get down to a bearable 35C or so, the humidity promises to stick the shirt to your back in a matter of minutes!

A lot of people comment that coming from Malaysia, we should be able to trudge through the humidity, and to a certain extent the heat. But I somehow don’t find truth in that statement. No matter how humid or hot things get back home, Dubai still tops them all.

But the humidity is also a good sign, one of the approaching winter months. And after the oppressive heat of the last few months, this coming edition is very much anticipated!

The kids are getting their bikes out, with Irsyad struggling hard to follow my instructions to minimize the use of his training wheels. Dina, unfortunately still finds the bigger bikes too big, while at the same time, finding the smaller ones too small! In between sizes is my little one I guess. But the objective is for them to catch up with the rest of the neighborhood kids and discard their training wheels as soon as possible.

The bikes parked for the night. The pictures not clear, but I had raised Icad's training wheels as high as possible so that he can get used to riding without their support. Has not worked as planned yet.

The end of summer, or the impending end would also mean time to tend to the garden. It has not been a good summer in that aspect. Sometime during the 7 weeks that I was away with the family back in KL, the water pump pressure regulator died. That basically meant that while there was water for the sprinklers to run, the pressure was insufficient to water the whole garden sufficiently. We know have spotches of dark areas where the grass has died due to lack of water. Shafieq, our gardener’s advice was a simple but expensive, “plant new grass sir”. When I told him I would not consider his suggestion due to not wanting to throw more money down that route, he helpfully suggested “never mind sir, I plant grass now, you pay me later!”

I gently turned down his offer to play a bankers role and decided to stick it out and see how things transform in the next few weeks. I am hoping that the patches of green would grow much better with the cooling temperature and negate the need to do anything financially drastic!

The Jasmine trees at the edge of the garden had a growth spurt with the extra sunlight during summer, but alas, the lack of water, thanks to a defective pump regulator meant there was insufficient pressure for the sprinklers to water the grass.

Linda finally managed, after 18 months of moving to the house, to get her daun padan and daun kari from Guy/Casey! We got the gardener to plant it this evening, right next to her brinjal, chili and mint plants. Lets hope that we will be as lucky as we were with the tomatos this time as well!

Yap, thats serai on the right!

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An expat family in Dubai.

2 thoughts on “Summer oh summer

  1. Awesome stuff Noor!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your blogs …. Keep them coming!



  2. Thanks from dropping in buddy!

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