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And today it happened…While giving the twins their evening shower, Dina suddenly, without provocation or reason, blurted out “Queen Amidala!, Queen Amidala!, Queen Amidala!”.

Icad then took over the chant and we had the shower stall reverberating with Ms Padme’s official title. I inquired, in between the shampoos(Baby Johnson for Icad and Pantene Pro V for Dina), why are we doing this?

Dina answered “Amidala is Princess Leia’s mother Abah!”, as if that will explain everything.

I am stumped, not just the fact that the original Star Wars was out in 1977, but the first installment of the series where the good queen made her entrance was in 1999, waaay before she was a tinkling in either Linda or my eyes!

So what is a father to do? What else but to head towards the internet and download the whole series of Star Wars to enjoy with his fast growing kids.

Caught me blindsided actually. I figured Barbie the Snow (Mermaid, Fairy, Dance etc) princess had a few more good years to it. Sigh…

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