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Lust…a four letter word.

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I have lust in my heart. Yes I admit, and I have had it for a long time. And with each passing day, the object of my lust takes on new shapes and sizes. With each website, each advertisement, each new product placement, the lust increases…

Big watches, yes, I love big watches. But considering the size of my not too manly wrists, it does not take much to make a watch big for me. I had started this obsession from school days and the first one to sate my desire was the Casio Data Bank 100. I managed to buy it only after I started working and I think it cost something like RM200. I had the capability of storing my rosters, calculator function and world time function as well.

There is no pictures of the watch on the web, the model is too old I guess, but it was pretty similar to this.

This is the metal strap, but I had the one with the black resin strap which was replaced a couple of times.

Of course, as a brand new Second Officer, all the other guys were looking at Tag Heuer’s and such, a lust item which was introduced to me while we were doing our training in Scotland. The model I wanted was RM 2400 or so, and that equated to about a month of our salary at that point.So the first month I got my salary, with the 2G plus in hand, I went over to the watch shop, looked at the watch model in hand…and turned back out. I was thinking of the work that I put in to earn that money, and decided that I did not want to spend it on something that I wear on my wrist.

Big mistake! Tag’s are like so expensive these days!

So, fast forward all these years, and while we out and about yesterday, saw another Casio that caught my fancy…
This is a big watch!

Probably paid a bit too much for it, but definitely not anywhere close to my lust item below…

The Rolex Explorer II, understated elegance.

Other stuff which is in my radar at the moment…

Yes, its a bag. But its an expensive little product that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

What makes this bag stand out, is the 'open wallet' design that allows it to pass through airport security without having to take out the laptop. This will save some seconds, and avoid the hassle associated with this process. Perhaps only 30 seconds, but enough to accord it the aptly named 'Checkpoint Flyer'.

While I have always been a PC user, the lure of switching across to the Apple has been there for a long long time. Now that Apple OS is around 10% of the world OS, perhaps its no longer in the fringes any more, thus safe for me to make the jump. A new line of MacBook Pros have been released last month, and boy, the unibody aluminium design sure looks good even after all these years.

Not much external change since the last update, not on the outside, but internally, its got some new innards.

For me, a phone is more than just a phone. Its a game machine, its a scheduler, its a note taker, a reminder, calculator etc etc. Thus, I have always been a user of smartphones. The Nokia E series has been my object of choice, but one of the best phones I have ever had is the Nokia 6210 and the Nokia 6230. Great battery life, slim and small, and remarkable reception. The ability to tether to my laptop also was a major plus. I was an early adopter of using mobile technology for internet surfing while travelling to and from work in the airport express train.

The model I had was all silver. Worked great all the way, and was my reserve model until it was lost.

My first color phone, and it was one of the front runner of the Symbian S40 mobile operating system.

Forward to today, and my trusty little Nokia E71 (a birthday gift from the DW) is still working to perfectly for me to want something more. But, that does not mean I can’t lust after this sexy little number below.

Just look at it...Android OS, 8 Mb camera, large courtesy of engadget.

Yes, the stuff I fancy are mainly electronics, but what to do, thats the way I am wired. But yes, cars do interest me, just not the Super Car types. I guess I am more practical when it comes to these sort of things. I much rather have the pleasure of driving something thats comfortable, responsive, large and yet with the power to accelerate out of trouble if required.

The current 7 model is just right to my eyes, real comfort, understated elegance (that word again!) and lots of power under the bonnet.

If I wait a couple more years, this should be in the driveway...of course not a brand new one, but this older model la.

Its not just BMW cars that strike my fancy. They are also my choice when it comes to 2 wheelers.

And the last lust item for this blog edition goes to an item that I have been searching for at the streets of Manhattan the last month. Its been all sold out, and looks like demand will continue to outstrip supply for awhile yet. There are units for sale in eBay and other unauthorised retailers, they tagged a premium that makes no sense. So, rather than get ripped off, I will wait.

The silver lining is, perhaps by the time I get to get it, they will have tacked on the new OS by then.

The object of my desire...

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