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It was nice long break…close to 5 months perhaps since the last post. And what has transpired over that long 5 months time? Well, honestly, it felt a lot shorter than that, for sure not close to half a year, but more like weeks actually. The calender however does not tell tales and date of the previous post clearly shows that my recollection of the time passed bears no resemblance to reality. Not even close…

But, i suppose that the adage that time flies when you’re having fun is true. The last months have been a good time with lots of visitors dropping by to our little hole in the desert. So much so that time required to update the blog became a scarce commodity.

We had Linda’s youngest sis over for a nice long 3 weeks break between jobs. After looking at our faces day in and day out, the twins enjoyed the company of their aunt very much.

We made the best use of the time I was around to visit as many of the places that we could. The weather was cooling down and a trip to the zoo was something that the kids and Ellie wanted. I must say, the White Lions were impressive.

Ariefah and Haniz also spent a week in Dubai. While they were here, we took the longest trip outside of Dubai, into the neighbouring country of Oman to the north. If you look at the Middle East in the map, a close scrutiny will show that the Sultanate of Oman is made of 2 parts, with the UAE knifing it apart. It was to the North part of the country that we went across, specifically up to the town of Musandam. It is also known as the Norway of the middle east due to fjords that clefts the countryside, resulting in a wonderful coastal drive up.

We rented a boat for a few hours, and since all the small ones were already out on the week day, we ended up with a huge double decker boat with 3 deckhands to accompany our 7 family members up the bays and inlets of northern Oman in search of the dolphins!

Shot some pretty amazing movies of the Dolphins swimming after the boat, but unfortunately the process of downloading the files will take forever! Suffice to say, the trip was well worth the dolphin sighting and its something that we look forward to doing again.

Juggling an increased flying roster (will try and cover this point in a future post), whilst making the best of the wonderful winter weather was in itself a feat! But, looking back, ya…we had fun, and looking forward to more of the same the coming winter. But, that is still months away, and in between, we have now to face the summer months of Dubai! While the day time temperature hovers around the mid-30’s (which some of might say is bearable), the bright sunlight makes it glaringly obvious that a summer in the desert is a challenge!

The boat setting was very 'Arabesque'. It had the majlis sort of setting with the cushions all around, a small clean toilet that allows u to see the 'poo' pop into the ocean below, and wash basins to clean the hands after meals. We brought along some food from home, Linda's nasi lemak to eat while we enjoyed the sea breeze as we set out from the small little docking port.

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