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Bandung ’09

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We had a long awaited, extended family holiday in Bandung just before Eid Adha this year. Flew in direct to Jakarta from Dubai and took a long 3 hour bus ride on a Friday evening. Azlan was there to meet up with us and it was a great time together with the family.

Instead of hotel rooms, we rented a villa with separate rooms with a nice garden in the middle. Lots of space for the kids to run around and play with their cousins.

After the grass that we have at our place in Dubai, the greenary at the villa resort was a breath of fresh air. Also, the days that we were there, it rained quite a bit and it was nice to see water falling out of the sky after a long while of dryness

The lobby, aka the living room.

About the only other place that we went to instead of the shopping areas was the volcanic mountain nearby. It was still smoking and reeked of sulphuric acid. Unfortunately, it rained really heavily a few minutes after we got there and we had to wait it out at the reception center.

The kids had another shot at their pony riding activity.

We dropped by lunch at this really cool place near the mountains. It was built all around a hill trail, with small huts where patrons can have their meals and a waterfall going through it. The scenary was amazing, the food really good and definately a place worth a second visit in the future.

As much as I would like to show more pictures, it is unfortunately more of the same as trips all over Bandung! While the ladies were busy shopping, the kids were having a great time running around.

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One thought on “Bandung ’09

  1. so when’s the next holiday to bandung?
    make sure you guys come here when i’m not busy!

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