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Icad is not well today, so he sits and plays with his colouring book while Linda and I do our daily internet surfing, catching up on news and gossip from back home.

Dina was quite eager to go to school, even though she had known from last night that Icad will not be going. She has a quiet confidence around here that I must say surprises me at times.
He likes nos, and am teaching him to color within the lines, so far a pretty good job!

As the winter is upon us, the temperature has been getting more and more pleasant by the day. Unfortunately, the garden grass situation has not improved and we were forced to fire the previous maintenance guys and hire a new one. The new guys solution to our problems is to spread 3 bags of human manure…yes thats not a typo, human manure from the processing plants, locally known as ‘baladir’. So, while we now have nice outdoor furniture and a swing for the kids, we are not able to enjoy it during the evenings without gagging. I bet our neighbours are not too happy with us spoiling their bbq with the wonderful fragrance that wafts from the gardens!

Posing in front of the new swing set in their Malaysian national dress before school.

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