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Living in Dubai, transportation is a big thing. The Metro (their version of the MRT/LRT/Subway) is expected to come into operation sometime around September, but even then, it would not be convenient for us. The station is not nearby, and it would still require a connection to the place that we want to go from the station itself. Also, unlike in Malaysia, the parking in most of the malls here are free, so the issue of finding a parking spot does not come up. I would expect our trips on it to be limited for jaunts with the kids when there is nothing much to do.

We, like many of the expats here in Dubai, bought ourselves a largish SUV when we got here. It seats seven, a huge engine and does pretty ok when its taken offroad. While its comfortable and all, we had lots of reservation before finalizing the deal, the reason being, its a Hyundai!

But, other than the name, this car is fantastic, luxuries, comfortable and has the grunt when required.

My first car was a Proton Saga, first generation, bought off my dad when it was around 10 years old…

I kept the car for a long while, with Linda taking over ownership when I got my new car a few years later. We only sold it off when Linda got her Kenari.

The Proton GTi (yes, yes, we are a Proton family) was the first brand new car that I had bought, and in many ways, a car that I will remember for the rest of my life. It was a pocket rocket, not too good on the top speed, but a great acceleration of the blocks.

We sold off the GTi before we left for India, and I still wish that I had kept it instead. But we needed the money and it would have just depreciated instead 😦

After getting back, we exchanged the Kenari for the the MyVi (a really good decision) and got ourselves a nice Camry as the family car.

The Camry was perfect, large, elegant and comfortable. Did not drive it too much as I was using the LRT for work, so Linda used it for the kids nursery run. I guess it was more her car than mine, the way she and the kids kept it so clean…

We sold off the Camry before getting to Dubai, and within the 3 month of us being here, the Veracruz was in the driveway.

Am going off to Istanbul shortly, but will place a second instalment on cars, traffic and drivers here in Dubai shortly.

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An expat family in Dubai.

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