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The first run…


I had set out a list of things that I wanted to do before i get too old to do them, and one of the easier ones, with regards to logistics that is, is to run a marathon. 42km, man against himself…ya ya, i know that lots of people have done it, but that does not matter, I wanna do it.

So, am targetting the Dubai Marathon at the end of the year, which gives me slightly more than 5 months at best to be ready for it. Considering that a 15 minutes workout on the cyle machine leaves me seeing stars, I figure it will be an uphill battle.

But a victory is not sweet unless you have to work to get it, so I am for now trying my level best to keep to the schedule. Am using the web to get resources on preparing for a run, and there are lots of it out there. But unfortunately, all of them involve this little thing called, surprise, surprise, running…

Till date, have yet to go on the first run, and with the current weather outside, might have to do it during the evening hours after the sun has gone down. It will not be cold, but it will be cooler, a big difference when the daytime temperature crosses over 40C.

Am hoping to do that soon, but keep making excuses to myself why today i not the right day, and the winner for today is: its too dusty out there…won’t want to have my nose clogged with all the sand floating out there.
Waiting for the day...

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2 thoughts on “The first run…

  1. shouldn’t use a futsal shoe for running. there just isn’t enough support. try ‘nike free'(5.0 or 7.0). the best and most comfortable running shoes i have ever worn. plus, it’s very light and makes running an enjoyable experience.seriously!

    • Ok, got a pair of running New Balance. I like Nike’s but NB make ‘wider’ shoes which is so much more comfortable!

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